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Juventus’s Ultra group, the Drughi, have launched a scathing attack on the widow of former player Gaetano Scirea after she condemned the anti-Neapolitan chants that have been heard in the Curva Sud Scirea of the Juventus stadium.

Gaetano Scirea is considered as one of the greatest Juventus players of all time however at the age of 36 he tragically died in a car crash in September 1989 while he was on a scouting mission for Juventus in Poland. In tribute to the Bianconeri legend the Curva Sud of the old Stadio Delle Alpi and now the Juventus Stadium was named in his honour.

The Curva Scirea has housed many of the Vecchia Signora’s Ultras over the years and Mariella Scirea has always asked that these groups respect the name of her former husband while occupying the Curva.

Following the discriminatory chants which were heard in that section of the stadium, Scirea’s widow suggested that the club should remove his name if the supporters continue to behave in this manner.

However this has triggered an unprecedented reaction from one of the Drughi Ultras who released an open letter chastising Mariella Scirea, accusing her of “working against the colours worn by the much-missed Gaetano.”

The letter then attacks her role in politics by claiming she “only got into politics because she was the widow of a legend, certainly not because of her talents or credentials.”

The Ultras suggest her request to remove the name Scirea from the Curva is “enthusiastically” supported by all the enemies of Juventus.

“Consider the incriminated chants have been sung by everyone for more than 20 years and are also sung loudly by the Curva Nord, only that section is reserved for the Club Doc.”
As well as urging her to step down from her role as President of the co-ordination committee for the fans the Ultras call on her to stop using the surname of the Juve cult hero.

“What we all agree on is that it’s wrong to use the name of a Champion beloved by all. Therefore we accept the invitation of the lady and from now on the name Scirea will no longer identify our section of the Stadium.

“However, she should do the same and go back to using her maiden name, Cavanna. Having known Gaetano’s reserved nature, we are certain he wouldn’t have appreciated such a pushy wife who, shielding herself behind a name she inherited, made her way in the worlds of politics and sport proving she knows nothing about either.”

The Drughi are renowned for their uncompromising nature and in the past they have been implicated in acts of violence, even against other Juventini. Back in 2006 they were allegedly involved in a clash between various Ultra groups which culminated in two fans being stabbed and 50 being arrested.

The Drughi’s reaction has been decried by many in the Calcio world including other Juventus supporters and the FIGC president Giancarlo Abete gave his views on the letter:
“I think it would be only natural Mrs Scirea would want to hold dear the name and image of her late husband, who honoured Italian football with the jerseys of Juve and Italy.
“He deserves the utmost respect and the people who have the opportunity to sit in an area of the stadium that is in his honour have the duty to remember that.”

By Luca Hodges-Ramon - @LH_Ramon25

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